Computer problems, big or small, we fix them. With access to a worldwide parts warehouse and a staff of professionally trained and certified techs, there is no computer that we can’t fix. The staff at Computer Zone has enjoyed over 17 years of employment by being the fastest and most thorough computer repair shop in the bay area. Big chains can be backed up for weeks and usually trade skilled workers for bigger profit margins. At Computer Zone, we have over 30 benches that are all fully equipped to handle any computer repair. Burned your processor up again by over clocking it so you can gain the edge in the latest online game? No problem. Did your 3 year old accidentally feed your computer a glass of milk? We can clean it up. Your teenager accidentally step on their laptop and break their screen and now is using that as a reason for why they can’t do their homework? Can usually fix that while you wait. Computer running slower than normal or not at all? We will figure it out.

Where do we start and do I need to make an appointment?

Just bring your computer in to the shop for a free consultation. Most problems can be easily identified by our experienced techs and a method of repair will be recommended. For those other ‘head-scratcher’ problems, a full diagnostics may be recommended before any repairs are made to determine the overall condition that the computer is in and to help you determine whether it makes more sense to fix or replace the computer. We don’t do any repairs without your expressed permission and all services are kept confidential.

​​Why do we charge for diagnostics and does that fee apply towards fixing your computer?

We charge a $45 fee for towers and $65 fee for laptops and all-in-one desktops for a full diagnostics workup. The diagnostic fees cover testing the WHOLE computer, not just figuring out what the problem is. Testing computers this way we can give our customers a complete picture not only of their original problem, but also any potential future problems so that they can make the best possible decision to fix a system or replace it entirely. If we can fix your computer’s problems during our routine diagnostic testing, we will not charge a dime more. If however, we find during the course of testing that you will need replacement parts or additional labor, we  will contact you with our recommendations as well as an itemized quote for repair. A portion of the diagnostics fee may be applied to a quote for repair.

Do you warranty your work?

Absolutely, yes. We stand behind all of our computer repairs and make our clients’ satisfaction our top priority. There are times however, when a repair can be undone or re-broken due to situations outside of our control or beyond the limitations of our replacement parts. Rarely do we ever have an issue that cannot be solved where our client isn’t happy and we go to great lengths to ensure we are highly recommended to their friends and family members. We have been in business for 17 years and have every intention of being here for the next 17 years.