Founded: 1997

Owner: Robin Brownstein

Welcome to Computer Zone. Please check for tech related news, service and sales specials as well as original content. Our shop is open for business and our hours of operation at Mon – Fri 10am-6pm and Sat 9am-3pm.

We service both PC and Mac desktops, laptops and All in Ones as well as tablets and other mobile devices.- See more at:


Computer problems, big or small, we fix them. With access to a worldwide parts warehouse and a staff of professionally trained and certified techs, there is no computer that we can’t fix. The staff at Computer Zone has enjoyed over 17 years of employment by being the fastest and most thorough computer repair shop in the bay area. Big chains can be backed up for weeks and usually trade skilled workers for bigger profit margins. At Computer Zone, we have over 30 benches that are all fully equipped to handle any computer repair. Burned your processor up again by over clocking it so you can gain the edge in the latest online game? No problem. Did your 3 year old accidentally feed your computer a glass of milk? We can clean it up. Your teenager accidentally step on their laptop and break their screen and now is using that as a reason for why they can’t do their homework? Can usually fix that while you wait. Computer running slower than normal or not at all? We will figure it out.

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